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RIM developing 9670 clamshell

by on22 April 2010


Would run OS 6 and be CDMA/EVDO

We know that RIM is always hard at work developing new concepts and form factors for BlackBerry devices. In the past months we have brought reports of the first flip and touch screen models, as well as early reports of the still-in-development slider. Now we are told that RIM is apparently experimenting with a clamshell form factor which has come to be known as the 9670, according to our sources.

The 9670 is a CDMA/EVDO clamshell form factor device with a full keyboard, 6 megapixel camera, large main display, smaller display on the lid, with the track pad that everyone seems to like. The clamshell form factor looks to be a little strange for the 9670 and it seems almost like a smaller curve type form factor with a lid. From photos we have seen, the keyboard does appear to be a bit cramped, but that is hard to tell from just pictures. It appears that it might be a bit thick, as well.

No word yet if they are going to put it into production, but from the pictures of the prototype that we have seen it would appear that development is too far along for the company to just scrap it. The bigger question is that since it is CDMA, you are limited to which carriers can sell it, so does RIM already have a deal for it or are they still trying to get one in place? We suspect that they are showing the prototype off in order to drum up support for it and hopefully get one of the carriers to bite. We will have to wait and see, but we suspect that you will be hearing more about the 9670 the closer we get to the release of OS 6.

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