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Palm Pre plagued by quality issues

by on01 July 2009


High return rates

Palm's recently introduced Pre smartphone is apparently plagued by poor quality, and according to market researchers, one in three users were forced to return their new toy to the shop.

Although Palm has not revealed any exact Pre sales numbers, Charter Equity Research analyst Ed Snyder estimates the company sold 370,000 units so far. He expects Palm to sell about a million in the first three months of sales, while Apple sold more than a million iPhone 3GS units in just three days.

An informal survey on forums found one in three consumers was forced to return the phone at least once since they got it. Some have already replaced three phones, and there's a lot of complaints about build quality. Most users complain about large gaps in the case, dead pixels, wobbly screen and a tendency to power down when users try sliding the screen.

Other users say their phones are perfect, so there's a chance something didin't work our right when it comes to quality control on the first production batches. Hopefully, Palm has adressed these issues by now.

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