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Palm gets $100 million from Elevation Partners

by on23 December 2008


Influx of cash may be nothing more than a bet on Nova OS

It looks like Christmas has come a little early for the folks at Palm with the news that Elevation Partners would be kicking in $100 million. Recent news was not good for Palm, with the company announcing cuts and sales that continue to be less than stellar.

As we told you recently, the future for Palm, if there is going to be one…will be in the launch at CES of the new Palm-developed OS which is known as codename “Nova”. With the announcement of the additional $100 million that Elevation Partners is putting into Palm, the investment, if you can call it that, might be nothing more than a bet on the success and initial reaction to Nova once it is announced.

While Palm can talk all they want about enhancing the stability of the company with the additional investment from Elevation Partners, it seems to us that the truth of the matter lies someplace in between these words and reality.

The fact is that the Nova OS will have to deliver something that is unique and a ‘must have’ on a new Palm multimedia cell phone device that will get Palm back into the Smartphone race again. With the competition from BlackBerry and Apple among others, Palm is in serious danger of being squeezed out of the market place once and for all. Of course, this is a shame, as many of the innovations that we have today are due to developments of the PDA and Palm platform.

It looks like CES will be a make or break time for Palm and they will have to really pull a rabbit out of their hat in order to gain some momentum in this fast moving market space.

Last modified on 23 December 2008
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