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Nvidia losing support with motherboard makers

by on16 January 2008

Too expensive and not exciting enough

It seems that Nvidia's chipset division is having a rough time, as we've been told that the company is out talking to the Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers and asking, nay, begging for support.

By the look of things, Nvidia's 780i chipset wasn't a hit with the Taiwanese board makers, especially after EVGA's upgrade deal, which pretty much screwed everyone over. Besides, the chipset is too expensive and doesn't offer any real benefits over the 680i.

We also got a confirmation that at least one motherboard manufacture has dropped its 780a project, before the chipset has even launched officially. This is indeed bad news if others follow suit.

On top of this, from what we've heard it seems that AMD's RS780 chipset will kick the GeForce 8200's butt in 3D; although it's not all despair here, as the GeForce 8200 is meant to have very low CPU utilization for HD video playback.

The final nail in the coffin is the expected pricing of the nForce 790i chipset at US$80 a pop, making it even more expensive than Intel's X48 chipset, which, by the way, has had its price reduced.

Not good news at all for Nvidia today, and if things keep going this way, they might just have to take some drastic steps with its chipsets or reconsider what and how they are doing things.
Last modified on 17 January 2008
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