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Sapphire Pure CrossFireX 790FX pictured

by on09 November 2007

Co-developed with DFI

Pictures of Sapphire's new Pure CrossFireX 790FX have appeared on a Taiwanese forum and we've known about this board for some time, as DFI told us that they've been working with Sapphire on this one. You can clearly see the LanParty logo on the board just above the bottom x16 PCIe slot, but the color scheme is quite different.

Working with DFI might have been a smart move on Sapphire's part, as in the past the company has used AMD reference designs and the boards were made by PCPartner. This time around Sapphire should not only have a very tweakable, but also a feature rich, board.

In terms of features we're looking at three x16 PCIe slots, although only two of them will have the full x16 bandwidth, and according to the box, the third slot is meant for a physics card. There's also a single x4 PCIe slot and three PCI slots.

Other features includes six SATA ports, dual Gigabit Ethernet, six rear USB 2.0 pots with headers for a further four ports, FireWire and an audio riser card. The board also features a new improved digital PWM and a big heatsink covering it. There's also a heatpipe cooler for the chipset, but this isn't really needed at default clock speeds as the chipset runs really cool.

You can find some additonal pictures here

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