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2x1 GB DDR2 drops to ?70

by on12 May 2007

Memory gets incredible cheap.

We have already
reported that memory prices are going down here.

In mid April the price for a standard 2GB Kit PC2-6400U CL5 reached €100 in Euroland. Within last three days it crashed from over €80 to under €70. You can see this in the price-history at

The first 1GB DDR3 modules will be traded for about €200,-.

With DDR2 memory prices that low there is no chance Intel will turn DDR3 to mainstream this year, even high-end enthusiast may reconsider getting involved with DDR3. The speed advantage of DDR3 will come true maybe with 1333MHz with a CAS-latency 6.

Meanwhile even DDR2 overclocking memory-kits are quite cheap and are selling for under €150 here.

Last modified on 12 May 2007
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