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2x1 GB DDR2 drops to ?70


Memory gets incredible cheap.

We have already
reported that memory prices are going down here.

In mid April the price for a standard 2GB Kit PC2-6400U CL5 reached €100 in Euroland. Within last three days it crashed from over €80 to under €70. You can see this in the price-history at

The first 1GB DDR3 modules will be traded for about €200,-.

With DDR2 memory prices that low there is no chance Intel will turn DDR3 to mainstream this year, even high-end enthusiast may reconsider getting involved with DDR3. The speed advantage of DDR3 will come true maybe with 1333MHz with a CAS-latency 6.

Meanwhile even DDR2 overclocking memory-kits are quite cheap and are selling for under €150 here.

Last modified on 12 May 2007
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