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AMD is on the recovery road

by on06 March 2008


Cebit 08: Directors and VP at AMD agree

Laslie Sobon, the lady who got famous with the 45nm wafer picture and who also works as Director of Product Marketing and Brand Management in Desktop division, and Jochen Polster, Marketing Vice President of EMEA, agree that AMD is on the road to recovery.

They are aware of the slips that the company made in the past and they said that B3 is just around the corner. They believe that Triple-core is going to be a great product for the buck and that generally things look bright from this moment on.

With things like the fact that its IGP is successful, and that products like Puma are going to increase the presence in the ever-growing notebook market they believe that they will be back in the game with 45nm CPUs.

First to launch is the quad-core 45nm CPU, while triple and dual-cores will follow, but so far it looks good, at least it looks better than it was in 2007. That is the general feeling.

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