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Tri-Core Phenom drops under ?100

by on10 June 2008


3 x 2100MHz = €96.20

has slashed its CPU prices in the past couple of days, and for the first time you can get a Phenom for under €100.

It's not a full-blooded quad-core CPU, but rather the 8450, a tri-core part clocked at 2.1GHz. European retailers are currently selling it at €96.50, give or take a few cents. You can check out the listing here. If you don't need the third core, you can get an 3.0GHz Athlon X2 6000 for around €80, while the cheapest quad-core Phenom 9550 clocked at 2.2GHz will set you back €135.

If you go for the blue team, €96 will buy you a Core 2 Duo E7200 clocked at 2.53GHz, or you can get an E4700 clocked at 2.6GHz for around €90. Of course, Intel has no tri-cores and its cheapest quad-core, the Q6600, is priced at €143.
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