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Shanghai K10.5 to come at 2.8GHz+ speeds

by on27 February 2008


Can jump over 3GHz

We’ve learned that Shanghai, AMD’s K10.5, can show Intel its teeth and after a few quarters of delays, it should be ready to show what the K10 is made of.

Shanghai K10.5 is a native quad-core 45nm and it will be the first AMD to commercially jump over 3GHz speed.

Shanghai K10.5 supports existing boards and DDR2 memory so the upgrade path is easy with this CPU. It is scheduled for second half of 2008 and AMD is still not ready to announce any more accurate date than that. We just hope that it can launch these chips before we have to reach for our autumn / winter jackets.

With this chip AMD might have a chance to get back.

Last modified on 27 February 2008
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