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Dual core Celeron available

by on22 January 2008


E1200 for €41.88

The Intel Celeron E1200, Intel's first dual core Celeron, is available. It is selling in the German e-tail market for €41.88 + shipping cost.

The CPU works at 2x1.60GHz, uses an FSB 800 and comes with 512KB shared cache memory. It is based on the Allendale 65nm dual core stepping M0 and it supports Intel's 64-bit marchitecture.

It has 65W TDP and should have a very similar performance to the dual core E2140, but as you might know, the E2140 works at the same 1.60GHz clock, but it has 1MB of cache memory and sells for €55.

At the same time, the single core Celeron 420 clocked at 1.60GHz sells for about €30.  

You can buy an E1200 dual core Celeron here.

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