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Black Box Phenom 9600 available for ?211

by on04 January 2008


You can overclock

If you are hot for a quad core that comes from AMD, you can buy the Phenom 9600 Black Box at 2.3GHz for about €211 + shipping.

The main feature of this CPU is that the multipler is unlocked and it will allow you to clock it much higher than 2.3GHz. You can probably expect speeds in the 2.6 to 2.8GHz range, but 3GHz will be a tough task.

At this price, it is a bit more attractive than before, but still Intel's Quad core Q6600 at 2.4GHz is selling for about €203; and can be overclocked much higher than 3GHZ. When overclocked, it will certainly beat the Phenom, even at its top overclock. Phenom 9600 is a nice toy for AMD fanboys.

Faster versions are expected later this quarter.

You can buy it here.

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