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Athlon X2 6000+ for only ?218

by on27 April 2007


Dirty cheap

AMD's 6000+
is available at press time for €218.30 only. TheX2 6000+ is clocked at 3.0 GHz core and is based on the Windsor 90 nanometre core. Of course, nowadays we are always talking about at least dual core if not about quad.

This CPU is the top of the K8 offer and it supports, AMD 64, Cool'n'quiet declocking marchitecture, NX-Flag and SSE3 instructions. Its maximal thermal design power (TDP) is 125W and we are talking about F3-Stepping.

Usually CPU's like this used to cost 500 or more, but AMD had to drop its prices due to the weaker performance of its current K8 marchitecture.

You can find one here.


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