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AMD ships over 800,000 DX11 cards

by on15 December 2009


Still not enough

announced Monday that it had managed to ship more than 800 thousand DirectX 11 chips since it launched the HD 5800 series in October.

According to Jon Peddie Research, total AIB shipments in Q3 2009 were just over 20 million units. At a monthly average of about 7 million units, AMD's 800,000 over a 6-week period might not seem like much, however, in the same period Nvidia shipped zero DirectX 11 cards.

ATI claims it has shipped in excess of 500 thousand Juniper-based HD 5700 series cards and it shows. They are widely available in most markets. However, the outfit shipped just 300 thousand Cypress HD 5800/5900 series cards, despite the fact Cypress was launched weeks ahead of HD 5700 series products. Sadly, 300,000 doesn't seem to be nearly enough and HD 5800/5900 cards are rather hard to come by, especially the HD 5850, which offers the best bang-for-buck in the Cypress series.

It is clear AMD's shipments were hampered by TSMC's massive cock ups and resulting poor yields. AMD hopes the situation will improve over the next few weeks. As for Nvidia, well its situation won't improve over the next few weeks, months even.
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