Thursday, 12 February 2009 11:23

Zotac's water cooled GTX 295 pixellized

Written by Slobodan Simic


Comes after CeBIT

We managed to score couple pictures of Zotac's GTX 295 card and to find out that the card will be available after CeBIT, sometimes in mid-March.

The new card will be a part of Zotac's new Infinity Edition lineup, but the specific clocks for this card aren't finalized as apparently they are still testing. Zotac will show the card at Cebit, but it won't be available before the middle of March. The connectors for the water cooling system are apparently standard, and Zotac will put some adapters for water cooling in a bundle.

Zotac is also working on the GTX 285 Infinity Edition, or the water cooled GTX 285 card and we hope that this one will show its face at Cebit as well, but we couldn't confirm those informations at this moment.

Here are some pictures of the Zotac GTX 295 Infinity Edition card.





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