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Nvidia's GPU lineup for 2009 revealed

by on29 December 2008


GT200 is here to stay has recently compiled a table of Nvidia's GPU lineup for upcoming 2009, with details ranging from the enthusiast market down to integrated graphics solutions. According to several documents VR-Zone has seen, Nvidia is preparing to move toward the 40 nanometer fabrication across the entire chart as early as the second quarter.

As we have expected, the first transition to 40nm will take place in the enthusiast and high-end markets in Q2, with 55nm GT200b being replaced by 40nm GT212. With this in mind, please expect the upcoming 55nm GeForce GTX 285 and GeForce GTX 295 to have relatively short life spans (around 3 months) as the GeForce 9800GX2 did back in March. On the other hand, the transition to GT300 architecture will not occur until Q4. This implies that DirectX 11 capable GPUs from Nvidia will not release with Windows 7, but are to be expected a few months shortly thereafter.

In the mainstream and value segments, we currently have G94, G96 and G98 GPUs with the GeForce 9600GT, GeForce 9500GT and GeForce 9400. The transition to 40nm in this market will take place in Q3, with GT214, GT216 and GT218 replacing G94, G96 and G98, respectively. With the upcoming cards, more variety is to be expected this time around with 4 desktop SKUs for GT216 and 6 desktop SKUs for GT218.

As for the IGP segment, iGT209 will be replacing the current GeForce 9400/9300 motherboard GPU series. This transition to 40nm will also take place in Q3.

The table of Nvidia's entire GPU lineup for 2009 can be viewed here.
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