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Radeon HD4830 drops under ?100

by on28 November 2008


Finally starts making sense

The lovechild
of ATI engineers and AMD accountants, dubbed Radeon HD4830, has finally dropped under the €100 mark and started to make sense.

We tested it a month ago here. Sanjin was impressed by its performance, but not thrilled about the ridiculous pricing. Back then it was priced at €125, on par with HD4850 cards and obviously it didn't make any sense. We kept our eyes open for the price drop and told you to wait a bit in case you wanted one and this morning the new price started popping up on price search engines.

So there you have it, if you're in the market for sub-€100 graphics, the HD4830 is the way to go. You can a HIS HD4830 with non-reference cooling for €99, here.

For comparison, the cheapest HD4850 retails at €124, while the HD4870, following the price drop we talked about here, now costs €184.
Last modified on 28 November 2008
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