Wednesday, 16 March 2011 09:15

Ubisoft to enter guitar game space


Rocksmith title will use real guitars
Published in Games
Monday, 03 January 2011 11:23

Ubisoft retreats on annoying DRM


It looks like it cost it
Published in Games
Friday, 03 December 2010 14:21

Vuvuzela turns into anti-piracy measure


A great method from an unlikely source
Published in Games
Tuesday, 02 November 2010 12:50

Ubisoft to bundle Michael Jackson’s glove


With the upcoming game
Published in Games
Monday, 25 October 2010 08:28

New Shaun White for PS3 recalled


Production error causes mayhem before release
Published in Games
Friday, 13 August 2010 08:55

Ubisoft dumps silly DRM

Going for Steamworks
Published in Latest
Tuesday, 13 July 2010 09:48

Ubisoft being cautious on 3D

Price needs to come down to gain support
Published in Games
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