Wednesday, 11 January 2012 15:00

Powercolor Radeon HD 7970 Vortex in the works

Written by Slobodan Simic


Non-reference PCB pixellized 

It is no secret that AMD partners are working on non-reference Tahiti Radeon HD 7900 series cards and we managed to score one of the first pictures of a non-reference PCB and an actual card from PowerColor.

PowerColor is a major AMD partner and we already saw their Vortex cooler in action back on the HD 6970. As far as the PCB is concerned we don't have much details other than it has a beefier VRM and that the card will draw power from two 8-pin PCI-Express power connectors so we guess that it could end up with a nice factory overclock and more overclocking room when compared to the reference card.

Of course, the card should end up to be quieter and a bit less hot thanks to the Vortex cooler. The date is still unknown but we'll surely try to dig out more info.

powercolor vortex7970_3

powercolor vortex7970_1

powercolor vortex7970_2

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+5 #1 takethis 2012-01-12 03:49
if the price is right, this would be great when overclocked.
+4 #2 Super XP 2012-01-12 05:29
Hi Sexy, my case has been waiting for you. :P
+2 #3 majorpayne 2012-01-12 07:48
Wow nice looking card. I hope most cards release both by AMD and Nvidia will have a black PCB coz for me and I think most of us, graphics card with black PCB are freakin lookin good than blue, red, green, etc.
+1 #4 megabad 2012-01-12 07:55
This look sweet ,hope it isn't much more expensive than the already pricey reference one.
+2 #5 thematrix606 2012-01-12 11:07
Quoting megabad:
This look sweet ,hope it isn't much more expensive than the already pricey reference one.

Too bad it wont. All reference cards sell for at least 7-10% extra ;(

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