Tuesday, 30 August 2011 19:07

28nm graphics dubbed Radeon HD 7000, official

Written by Fuad Abazovic

Slide shown to public
Globalfoundries have just showed a slide confirming next generation Radeon HD 7000 graphics will be used in upcoming Trinity parts, codenamed Comal and Virgo.

We believe that this settles the score, HD 7000 is the official designation for Southern Islands, AMD’s 28nm next generation graphics. The current schedule still indicates a launch in later part of September, just before the end of the quarter, to make the investors a bit happier. This should take place a year after the Northern Island Radeon HD 6000 launch.


So the Radeon HD 7000 series moniker looks legitimate, and we do have a picture to back it up. It is now certain that AMD comes first with its 28nm chips, before Nvidia's Kepler that has reportedly been pushed back for early 2012. It was interesting that despite close partnership with Globalfoundries and the fact that they have 28nm, it still decided to manufacture its chip at TSMC, as TSMC has much more experience with highly complex graphics chips.

AMD simply didn’t have money or the practical need to support two different 28nm chip designs, one for TSMC and one for Globalfoundries.
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-11 #1 bro_fist 2011-08-30 19:36
Slower than le'Kempler. Deal with it. :-)
-3 #2 saneblane 2011-08-30 20:33
hahahaah, you gotta love fudzilla. first comment and it's an nvidia troll, go figure.
yea it should be about 2 percent slower and use half the power of the equavalent. now that is my kind of slow. and oh yea, did you mean like how the radeon 6990 is slower than 590x but still kicks it's ass in most test?
-14 #3 B0GiE-uk- 2011-08-30 21:28
That slide says HD 7000 series available in 2012.

So no Q4 2011 for HD 7000?
-14 #4 Tranzz 2011-08-30 22:22
yes 28nm gpu's. All this from a slide titled OTHER 32NM PRODUCTS
-10 #5 zeropercenthotgas 2011-08-30 22:27
Quoting B0GiE-uk-:
That slide says HD 7000 series available in 2012.

So no Q4 2011 for HD 7000?

No, Trinity, the APU, not Radeon HD 7000.

Quoting bro_fist:
Slower than le'Kempler. Deal with it.

Ok, you keep thinking that, just go back under your bridge.
-13 #6 eXistential 2011-08-30 22:36
If it does come before Battlefield 3. Then I will most likely switch to AMD. I'm a big supporter of NVIDIA too...
-14 #7 godrilla 2011-08-30 22:58
Dice said its time to upgrade with an interview with nvidia, for bf3, so its time to upgrade my gtx 480 sc to a AMD 28nm gpu in time for BF3 launch. Its tempting
-13 #8 Carbonfibre 2011-08-30 23:35
People will be upgrading their systems for BF3, including me. It's a major title in PC gaming history, as was BF2.

I can't believe Nvidia would be so stupid as to not do something to compete with ATI at that time, a brand new new card or price cuts on the GTX500 series would be acceptable.
-13 #9 majorpayne 2011-08-31 00:32
Quoting bro_fist:
Slower than le'Kempler. Deal with it. :-)

Where is your evidence?
-16 #10 godrilla 2011-08-31 00:36
Quoting majorpayne:
Quoting bro_fist:
Slower than le'Kempler. Deal with it. :-)

Where is your evidence?

Its called a crystal troll ball

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