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Tuesday, 25 January 2011 10:12

Nvidia rolls out GTX 560 Ti

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Already available in EU
Nvidia’s new Geforce GTX 560 Ti is slowly trickling onto the European market and several retailers are already listing the new board as available.

Prices start at €229 for Gigabyte’s GTX 560 Ti OC, but bear in mind that this is an overclocked card with non-reference cooling. It’s clocked at 900MHz, 78MHz higher than the reference 822MHz and the memory runs at 4200MHz. This is an impressive overclock, but the really good news is that reference boards should end up even cheaper.


The rehashed GF104 core, dubbed GF114 now packs 384 shaders, 64 texture units and max consumption is rated at 180W. This is 20W higher than the GTX 460, yet 20W lower than AMD’s HD 6950.

Speaking of AMD, new 1GB HD 6950 have also started appearing in stores and their priced rather close to the new GTX 560 Ti. However, it appears that Nvidia will try to keep the GTX 560 Ti cheaper than the 1GB Cayman, while AMD will probably try to keep up, which if fine by us.

We will post more GTX 560 Ti info as we get it and we might have a preview rather soon. Sadly it appears our delivery people are either snowed in or off snowboarding in the Austrian Alps.
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+4 #1 arclight 2011-01-25 18:26
Overall vanila GTX 560 Ti is 6% slower than HD 6950 and 6% faster than HD 6870.

But it will start a price war with AMD, looking forward to price cuts on both camps.

I also saw some SLI reviews and it's slower that 6950 CFX but only by a few fps. The downside for those who intended to go the multi GPU route is that GTX 560 only supports 2 way SLI while 6950 has up to 4x CFX.
+2 #2 thomasg 2011-01-25 21:33
Thanks for the link arclight. One thing I noticed from reading it is that they're dead even at 1024X768, but the more you increase the resolution the more the 6950 pulls away, possibly because of having more memory, and by 2560X1600, it's 14% faster. This will be great for us as hopefully prices for both will come down.

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