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Tamasi and his team care a lot about games

Written by Fuad Abazovic

Nvidia hires more developers
Nvidia's Executive VP of Content and technology group Tony Tamasi himself, a rather influential figure and also a great guy to talk to, has told us that the talk about Nvidia caring less about games is absolutely not true. This was a reaction to one of our articles, in which Jensen said that Nvidia is 65 percent in parallel and 30 percent visual company these days. You can read it here.

Nvidia's developer relations guys, who are extremely passionate about their job also added that they are hiring more people and this implies that Nvidia cards are more about gamers and games, as well as about Geforce as a brand. We have to agree with this comment as Nvidia spends significant amounts of money to help the coders implement new things in their games.

We will tell you more about what Nvidia does for the gaming word some other time, but let me give you a hint, I strongly believe that Nvidia is a key element in keeping PC gaming alive.
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