Tuesday, 21 September 2010 18:43

Plenoptic 2.0 renderer can refocus your picture

Written by Fuad Abazovic

GTC 2010: Unfortunately in future
If you get yourself a camera wit Plenoptic lens, which is a lens with many small lens that Adobe is working on, you will be able to fix a bad focus on your picture. You do need a power of a GPU to fix your picture focus and change the focus from the background to the girl.

Adobe Plenoptic 2.0 does it, and it does it real time. Looks amazing, and once these things start shipping, everyone will want a camera with such a lens and software that can fix a bad focus on the picture. On a CPU it would take hours to fix the focus on this picture. Guess what, it even makes a 3D picture, so this is definitely something we would like to see on your next camera.

This is definitely a good opportunity for Nvidia, we just don’t know when such technology will get available. If it becomes successful and comes fast, this might be the new hope for Nvidia.




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