Wednesday, 23 March 2011 10:42

No Move support for BioShock Infinite

Written by David Stellmack

3D support is at least a possibility
One thing is now known about BioShock Infinite, and that is that it will not be offering Move support on the PlayStation 3 when it is released. With Move support being ruled out, it is safe to assume that the Xbox 360 isn’t getting any Kinect support, either, but sources tell us that this really was not being considered.

While motion control isn’t going to be part of BioShock Infinite, we do know that the possibility of 3D does exist; and if the game would offer 3D support it would not necessarily be exclusive to just the PlayStation 3 (meaning it could come for the Xbox 360, as well). Still, 3D support isn’t the priority for developer Irrational Games at the present time; instead, the developer just needs to continue to develop the game.

While sources tell us that that Move support was at least considered, apparently there just isn’t a novel use of the motion controller within the game. Move needs something special within the game and BioShock Infinite doesn’t have a good reason for it at this point.

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+1 #1 Medallish 2011-03-23 12:34
It's good they don't spend precious developing time on gimmicky stuff that only has a place in more casual games, as it's been pointed out no one comes home and relax by flailing their arms around.

I'm still not buying the whole 3D thing, it was nice in the theater, but it complicates private use, sure you can turn it off but I just get the feeling that after a while you're just going to skip the annoying glasses and the whole point of buying a 3D TV becomes irrelevant.
+1 #2 Cartman 2011-03-24 07:55
We dont need 3D cra. we need better games

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