Wednesday, 24 November 2010 11:45

BFBC2 gets another update

Written by David Stellmack

To pave the way for upcoming releases


DICE has confirmed that it will be pushing out another update for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The update is to prepare for the release of VIP Map Pack 7 and the upcoming Vietnam Expansion Pack. While no confirmed release date has been announced for either of these, the patches in the update contain a number of tweaks and fixes for the multiplayer modes that are necessary.

According to sources, the update will be rather large, and PlayStation 3 owner should be able to get the update today; Xbox 360 owners should be able to get the update in the next couple of days. As for PC owners, well… the update is coming soon, but we haven’t a clue how soon that is.

Whispers we hear confirm that DICE is trying to get VIP Map Pack 7 for the upcoming Vietnam Expansion Pack out before the end of the year. We actually doubt that both will make it, and likely if things go as they seem to normally do for DICE, VIP Map Pack 7 might make it out the door before the end of the year; but we suspect that it will be early 2011 before the Vietnam Expansion Pack is made available. We can, however, confirm that our sources tell us that DICE is certainly closer to release than one might expect.

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-7 #1 B0GiE-uk- 2010-11-24 12:35
Will they fix the game so Joysticks will work properly on the PC version?

I think it is disgusting that they have not fixed this basic issue for so long.
-7 #2 Strac 2010-11-24 15:11
so Boogie, you play PC FPS with joystick?

that's so cool and smart
+5 #3 B0GiE-uk- 2010-11-24 15:37
Quoting Strac:
so Boogie, you play PC FPS with joystick?

that's so cool and smart

Such a retarded dumb ass smart alec comment to make. Take a look in the mirror at yourself and give yourself a pat on the back.

So you prefer to fly the helicopters with a mouse? Have you ever tried using a joystick to control an aircraft? Aparently it is the in thing!
+2 #4 Fud_u 2010-11-25 04:12
@ B0GiE-uk- "So you prefer to fly the helicopters with a mouse?"

If you're talking about PC game then it isn't that bad flying heli with a mouse. But everyone have their own taste and I'm not arguing what they like to use.

Back to the topic. I think it's smarter if Dice release Vietnam sooner than Black Ops because I don't see how people can put down Black Ops for a while... A long while.
+1 #5 Strac 2010-11-25 15:31
B0GiE-uk ... sorry kid, I thought you meant gamepad (not joystick), my mistake
In croatian language joystick=gamepad (more or less)

btw. it's easy to fly helicopters with keyboard only
-15 #6 nurul 2010-11-25 17:37
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