Wednesday, 10 November 2010 09:27

EA likely to reboot SSX

Written by David Stellmack

Could be called Descent
One of the titles that players have been asking for Electronic Arts to revisit is the snowboarding franchise known as SSX. EA apparently is planning to at least do something with the SSX franchise, as it has registered a pair of domains. SSX: Deadly Descent and SSX: First Descent have been registered in a number of variations.

Whispers suggest that SSX: First Descent could be a Wii title, while SSX: Deadly Descent might be an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 title. Of course, it could be that nothing may come of this, but in the past EA has moved to register domain names ahead of title announcements.

The door to a possible SSX revival has been left open by the publisher in the past; and the company did release an SSX title called Blur for the Wii that received mixed reviews. With the release of Kinect and Move, EA might figure that it is in a better position to attempt to revive the franchise with something new.

The problem is that those that seem to want a new SSX title are looking to recapture the fun from the controller-based original SSX titles, and a motion control title might not be what gamers are looking for. We will have to wait and see what EA has planned for the SSX franchise, but don’t expect to hear anything till next year with an announcement maybe at the VGA awards, but more likely at E3.
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