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Author Topic: i7 950 and 975 to replace 940 and 965 in second quarter 09  (Read 1851 times)
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« on: February 09, 2009, 04:53:08 AM »

No Source rumor: http://forums.vr-zone.com/showthread.php?t=390120
"According to sources in the Taiwan motherboard industry, Intel plans to update its Core i7 processor lineup next quarter with two new models, the Core i7 950 and Core i7 Extreme 975. These models will essentially replace the Core i7 940 and Core i7 Extreme 965 at higher clock speeds, a new stepping revision, and the same respective price points.

The recently announced Core i7 950 will run at 3.06GHz, roughly 130MHz faster than its 940 predecessor, and will be priced again at $562 in quantities of 1000. Likewise, the Core i7 Exteme 975 will run at 3.33GHz, roughly 133MHz faster than its 965 Extreme predecessor, and will be priced again at $999 in quantities of 1000. As usual with Intel's Extreme Edition processors, it will have an unlocked multiplier to "justify" the price premium. Additionally, both CPUs will carry Intels new D0 stepping, which promises better overclocking potential as shown by Fugger and Mikeguava from XtremeSystems in their 3DMark 05 world record set on the 975 Extreme. Additionally, some internal testing has been done by motherboard manufacturers in Taiwan who have reported significant overclocking potential over the C0 stepping launched back in November.

A few days ago, Intel also revealed that it will launch its Core i7 920 D0 revision on March 2nd. We can expect higher overclocking potential from this chip as well, although no specific performance increases are known as of yet. This chip will be priced again at $284 in quantities of 1000.

On a final note, both C0 and D0 stepping processors will be out on the market at the same time, so it is solely the consumer's responsibility to be careful when choosing this time around.

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