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Author Topic: NVISION 08 PICTURES AND MORE - 56-freakin-K warning  (Read 3824 times)
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« on: August 26, 2008, 06:01:36 PM »

As I begin my 3rd day here at NVISION, I'm going to finally let out the goods and share with the rest of you guys out there.  Here are the highlights of the trip so far:

1)  I personally met k|ngp|n - he signed my EVGA 8800Ultra and EVGA GTX 280 boxes and then let me watch him do some LN2 benches.  Really nice guy (and he doesn't work for EVGA by the way, he's independent and just sponsored by them).

2)  Played the Crysis Wars demo before the general public (August 24th)

3)  Played Unreal Tournament 3 in Stereoscopic 3D before the general public

4)  I got to see Jen-Hsun Huang's AMAZING keynote yesterday afternoon where he discussed all the major emerging technologies that we will be seeing very shortly Wink

5)  Shook Buzz Aldrin's hand

6)  and ALL the amazing stuff I pointed out in this thread

I have about 150 pictures taken so far for you guys.  Enjoy Wink


Here are the highlights:

my rig

EVGA's booth LN2 setup

hell yeah

the world famous Shimano

Sixense is probably one of the greatest new technologies you guys will ever be pleased to use.  It is literally the Wii motion plus and PS3 full-motion killer for years to come


sweet ass rigs

NVIDIA GT200 65nm die wafer

some guy won this during the EVGA overclocking demonstration

The world famous k|ngp|n!!

XFX water bottles ftw

EVGA booth (backside)

Guitar Hero Aerosmith (PS3) setup - there's a total of about 12 consoles

Opening Keynote with Jen-Hsun Huang, Co-Founder and CEO of NVIDIA - that guy's chill

This new technology makes the iPhone look like a piece of crap, no joke.  Welcome to the future of human-computer interaction:  multitouch.

Club-SLi Lounge



some guy from XtremeSystems on the Advanced Overclocking Championship 2008 U.S. team was showing off his sexy setup

NVIDIA TEGRA.  I will definitely say goodbye to my iPhone in 2 years when these are developed to their fullest

Microsoft booth

and last but not least, CRYSIS WARHEAD!!!


Core i7 Extreme 965 {} EVGA X58 SLI Classified Limited Edition{} 6GB Mushkin XP Series DDR3 1600MHz 7-8-7-20 {} EVGA GeForce GTX 295 Plus [Quad-SLI] {} Thermalright TRUE Copper
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