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Author Topic: Diode patent infringement investigated  (Read 1608 times)
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« on: March 27, 2008, 12:24:17 PM »

Professor claims she holds original patent

BULLSHIT. Many people own many patents of things they have never been able to prove to work, patents for applications which required anly 10-20 years of further development... The whole system of patents is ridiculous. One man in Australia has recently patentd" a whee, bicycle and some other already existing things, just because patent office allows him to do so.

There are many patents, of things that might be constructed in the future, but are actually useless due to no one being able to construct them now. What miss Professor claims is funny. WHY, oh WHY did she NOT manufacture the diode when she has patented it, like she CLAIMS? Does she have a patent that the sky is blue and the water is wet too?

I think she deserves exactly the same pay the inventor of the blue led got. NOTHING. His pay was actually less than the one of his wife who was a nurse in a hospital.
Now, when everything is done, researched, developped and finished, NOW she steps up, in a microsoft-like manner and says: "you stole my work".

Send her to hell or let her speak here to explain what she aimed to do to defend her position.

Her statement is almost as ridiculous as wuold be if I accused Fudzilla of patent infridgement of my post that I am posting here.
There is no use of any invention kept in secret and claiming being first when actually someone brings it out later in the future far, far away.
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