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Author Topic: More R600 tidbits: Power related  (Read 1915 times)
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« on: May 11, 2007, 07:27:03 PM »

Looks like there are even more things about the R600 that we do not know.
http://common.ziffdavisinternet.com/util_get_image/15/0,1425,sz=1&i=159669,00.jpg (Retrieved from Extreme Tech) appears to show the R600 videocard (The long but short red thing below the two CPU fans).

It's pretty obviously the R600 because it has two power connectors (one that appears to be x6, one that could be x8 but has a x6 power cord going into it. If you look closely, it appears that the x6 PCIe cord that's plugged in is obscuring more parts of the plug it's in.) and it's bright red, with that ubiquitous rounded fan enclosure that has graced the forums of the entire internet by now. As well, the other pictures in that series show R600 tech demos.

If the card only needs one x6 PCIE power cord, the power requirements for the card are going to drop drastically, bringing it possibly in line with the 8800GTS series.

The next thing is that, if it has two power slots, one of which is optional, what is it going to do? You can't really need an extra 75 watts solely for mild dynamic overclocking.

This could mean a few things...
    An aspiring technology photographer unplugged something. (There's a 6 pin PCIE cord lying near the bottom of the case)
    The R600 only needs 1 PCIE power cord, but can use the other one (or the 8 pins) to overclock with extreme prejudice.
    The R600's supposed physics/sound processor runs on the other PCIE power supply, leaving an 8 pin PCIE cord to supply sufficient energy for overclocking or a 6 pin PCIE cord to function mildly well.
    The R600 functions as a taser.

This could be something big, or nothing at all... Just a lot of rambling and a lucky break for me, I guess. We'll have to wait for a NDA lift/ Monday... unless they pull a Microsoft Game Studios Halo 2 Vista.... (And delay for 2 weeks on the day it was supposed to be released)
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