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16  Welcome to Fudzilla Forum / Suggestion / Typos, spelling and grammar on: December 15, 2008, 02:51:41 PM
Fudzilla is a joke among overclockers. There's no dancing around it. Nobody takes it seriously and if anyone dares quote a fudzilla article, they are shot down and ridiculed. Even the name implies it.

However, I think the biggest reason for this is that many (most?) of the articles have very poor grammar and spelling. I know that for several of the authors, English is not their first language but most of these mistakes would be caught by a simple (English) spell checker and the quality of the articles would be significantly improved if they were proof read before publication (by someone with a firm grasp of English - even some of the English authors make mistakes from time to time).

How can you trust an article if it has a large number of mistakes in it? They look like they were written by children. Journalists, in particular, are expected to have a better than average grasp of the language that they are writing articles in.
17  Welcome to Fudzilla Forum / Suggestion / Re: Marchitecture on: December 15, 2008, 02:39:53 PM
Agreed. However, it seems that Fud really took this unanswered thread on board because I haven't seen it used in quite a while. My brother sent in an email to complain about this at about the same time that you posted it and the answer he got wasn't particularly nice if I recall.
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