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1  Welcome to Fudzilla Forum / Discussion about Articles / Re: RV770 to be twice as fast as RV670 claim on: April 23, 2008, 04:19:55 PM
Would it be sweet on a 1650 by 1050 screen and what is folding@home? Undecided


It can run on CPUs, ATI GPUs, PS3's, and even Linux / Mac OS X. Hopefully Stanford will have a GPU client that can use RV770 before the end of the year thanks to their new approach, instead of the usual year or more lag time. Smiley
2  Welcome to Fudzilla Forum / Discussion about Articles / Re: Coolermaster 'Cosmos S' case - a lesson in mediocrity on: April 23, 2008, 04:03:06 PM
that sucks but then again it's really just the luck of the draw with mass production. Take for instance the ANTEC 900. The so called "noob" case got some pretty harsh comments on any forum and to my suprise I have encountered zero problems with mine. Use your brain people..no case can be perfect even the lian lee's so if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is.

Good words there. Cosmos S is pretty good from what I've seen... BUT not $250 good! Those drive issues shouldn't be there, and at such a high price they could of at least thrown in a second drive cage, the cheapskates. Wink Unfortunately decent cases with triple 120mm radiator mounts are a rarity (That actually look good with them is even rarer). I'm seriously interest in the case, but I'm waiting for another one of those absurdly massive MIRs that they had with the original Cosmos. The case is to overpriced for what it is at $250, ya can buy MountainMod cubes built to your design specifications for $20 more. The same $20 you'd spend on a 2nd 4-drive cage for the Cosmos S.
3  Welcome to Fudzilla Forum / Discussion about Articles / "Nvidia's and ATI's problem in the war against Intel are FABs" on: April 23, 2008, 03:46:29 PM
Howdy. This is in response to the Fudzilla article: Nvidia's and ATI's problem in the war against Intel are FABs

TSMC is actually doing really fine for Nvidia and ATI in the last few years but it is traditionally at least one year or more behind Intel’s process transition.

TSMC currently doesn’t offer 45nm production while Intel does. Intel will be roughly year ahead of TSMC before this Taiwanese FAB is ready to start its 45nm production as if we remember correctly TSMC plans the GPU 45nm production in early 2009.

I was rather curious after reading this, because I distinctly remembered reading an article a month ago. I remembered it mainly due to possible RV770 and GT200 implications: http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/other/display/20080324215024_TSMC_to_Make_Chips_Using_40nm_Fabrication_Process.html

So, Fudzilla claims Intel is a year ahead, but Xbit's article would suggest TSMC was actually "ahead" in the manufacturing process. My question is, who got it right? Wink From the sound of Xbit's article TSMC would have 40nm capability around the time Intel would have a total of four 45nm FABs up and running this Q3-Q4, just in time for Nehalem.
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