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226  Welcome to Fudzilla Forum / General Discussion / Re: Old but new guy say Hi! on: March 02, 2008, 12:21:23 AM
*edited* lol
227  Hardware / Others / Curved iMac - This is HOT! on: March 02, 2008, 12:13:16 AM
At this point, who cares if it's a Mac..

Designer: Nuno Teixeira

Many things come to mind when I imagine new features that might be useful on my Mac; a touch screen, integrated 3G connectivity, pop-out remote control, integrated LCD projector, and maybe even a ninja bear defense radar system… I had an incident, let it go. Designer Nuno Teixeira believes every computer should be two faced and with more curves. I dated that girl for a while and it was a hot nightmare, but his “iView” iteration of an Apple’s iMac definitely has a lot more appeal. Taking a cue from the 1950’s CINERAMA wrap-around movie theatre screens, this iMac iMock-up features a giant curved screen(for better orientation to the natural curvature of the human eye) and a second built in LCD screen on the back(useful for students and graphic designer.) While shooting for the stars, Nuno also included two webcams(front and back). The likelihood this will ever be made? 0%, the likelihood I would really like one of these? 100%

228  Hardware / Motherboard / Intel Bonetrail 2 Specs and ETA on: March 02, 2008, 12:06:31 AM
Source - SiliconMadness.com

Early Q2 release.

Intel will soon be updating it's current desktop high-end motherboard, known as the DX38BT "Bonetrail", with none other than the already widely known X48 chipset.
Intel guidance points to an early Q2 release, possibly as early as April.

Being planned to enter the market at the same time as the other competing X48 solutions, the the DX48BT2 will feature the well known ICH9R and not the upcoming ICH10R. The ICH10 series will be reserved for motherboards like the DFI LanParty UT X48-T3R, expected to be available latter.
The X48 is a carefully selected X38 variant for higher FSB, pin-to-pin compatible with the X38, so this motherboard wasn't redesigned and uses the same PCB as the DX38BT.

The motherboard will feature support for dual x16 PCI-Express 2.0 slots and possibly also allow to split one of the x16 slots in half to provide 8 lanes to the third PCI-Express slot, making available a 16-8-8 lane configuration, although that is a detail still not fully known yet.
Other known features are the support for 8 SATA ports, FSB 1600MHz and official support for DDR-1600.

Intel has built some interesting boards lately, which although trailing the likes of Asus and DFI, have proven to be more successful than what was usual from in-house designs. More concretely, the "BadAxe" 2 was a moderate success among overclockers - something not usual with Intel branded boards - due to it's good build quality and refined BIOS options for overclocking. The new motherboard may prove a good purchase if Intel manages to follow a similar philosophy with the "Bonetrail" 2.
229  Hardware / Graphics Cards / Nvidia GT200 Speculation and Opinion - September 2008 Release? on: March 02, 2008, 12:03:56 AM
I'm gonna copy and paste from several posts I've responded to, so hopefully they will clear some things up.

My speculation:
I'm guessing the new GT200 will be a dual core architecture similar to AMD's RV670, but will support native 64-bit floating points (FP64) unlike the RV670 (how sad lol).

You guys can more than likely expect it in September 08, as this is 6 months from the 9800GX2 release - but I'm guessing Nvidia will just delay it until November to get back on track with their high end November launch schedule.

inCrysis Forums - aSASa wrote:

New rumors say its gonna have 64 ROPs, 256 TAUs, and a total of 1024 shaders. 1024Bit design, 2GB DDR4 memory
1200MHz core,
2800MHz shaders,
3400MHz memory.

There's no way the card will have 64 ROPs, as there's no use for them - I would expect to see around 32 at most.   A 1024-bit design would be nice to have, but even that would be pushing the new PCI-Express 2.0 spec to the limit - yet another faulty claim.  Consequently, 1024 shaders aren't likely to exist - I would expect the number to be no more than 384.  The only true claim so far would be 2GB of DDR4 memory, but even then, Nvidia might skip straight to GDDR5.  Based on an analysis I've read, few suggest that "the first GPUs based on GDDR5 could possibly be released in late Q2 or Q3. Of course, that also depends on NVIDIA and AMD's roadmaps, and whether that makes sense in their current plans."  If this assumption is true, this would bring to light the claim that the GT200 is in fact going to be released around September as I predicted.   It would nice to see GDDR5 not only for the bandwidth, but also because Samsung is claiming 6GHz speeds for its highest end chips.  And finally, the best part about the new GT200 architecture is that it will allow for double-precision 64-bit FPs, which will bring great performance leaps in just a few months to come.

inCrysis Forums - DoomLord52 wrote:

lol, the 8800GTX / Ultra were #1 for..... how long?
launched: Nov 8, 2006
still # 1: Feb 23, 2008
according to that thing it will be best until:
March 11, 2008

..so that makes it # 1 for 17 months..... wtf.

That's because Nvidia "skipped" an entire launch sequence in 2007 by continuing the GeForce 8 series up until now.  Even more so, the 9 series is simply a die shrink/refresh (similar to Intel's "tick" "tock" method), and therefore we aren't even going to see any true architecture improvements until GT200 which is close to 2 years after the launch of GeForce 8.

However, in a normal sequence of product launches, Nvidia (and ATi) typically will launch card successors within 6 months of each other (7950GX2 in May 06 > 8800GTX in November 06 > 8800Ultra in May 07 > G92 8800GT in November 07 [if used in SLi]).  Also note that the 9800GX2 was originally scheduled for November 2007, which would make it close to a ~6 month successor to the 8800Ultra - however, there were delays - November turned into late January, which turned into February 14th, which now turned into March 11th. sad

This makes me wonder if Nvidia will release the GT200 in September (6 months from 9800GX2), or if it will compensate for time issues and delay it until November.
230  Hardware / Power Supply - PSU / BFGTech ES-800 800w Power Supply - Review by [H]ard|OCP on: March 01, 2008, 11:54:49 PM
BFGTech ES-800 800w Power Supply

BFG is back in the game, and this time they are at the top of it.  Read the review to find out why the new ES-800 could possibly be the new PC Power & Cooling Silencer Quad 750.

231  Hardware / Audio / Crysis Realism Enhancement for Sound Blaster X-Fi Cards on: March 01, 2008, 11:52:24 PM
Hey you guys.  I have come up with a few settings tweaks for X-Fi and Vista and XP users to get the most out of their sound cards.  This tutorial will walk through a Vista setup (however,  it's almost identical on XP).  I have found these settings to give superb audio realism not only in Crysis, but also in general music playback:

First off, open up the Creative Audio Console.  If you don't have it already, you can download it here:
Vista x86 / x64:
XP x86 / x64:

Make sure you are in Game Mode for these settings (and apply the same settings to Entertainment Mode):

Set your speaker configuration based on the type of setup you have:

Enable X-Fi CMSS-3D, set the Stereo Envelopment to 60% and make sure Stereo Xpand and Auto Upmix are on

Set the X-Fi Crystallizer to 85% (you may set it according to preference, but in my opinion it sounds best here)

Next, open up Creative Alchemy X-Fi.  If you don't have it already, you can download it here:
(not needed for XP users)
Vista x86 / x64:

Click on "Add", title the game "Crysis", and use the following settings:

Finally, if you really really wanna boost your eargasms in this game for intense sound The Way It's Meant to be Heard (lol pun on Nvidia), I have come up with some sound tweaks.  Add these lines to your autoexec.cfg file if you have one in your Crytek > Crysis folder.  If you don't already, search these forums, and there's plenty of info on how to make one.

s_cacheSize = 80
s_FormatSampleRate = 192000
s_MaxChannels = 128
s_FormatType = 4
s_MusicEnable = 1
s_MusicStreamedData = 0
s_Obstruction = 1
s_ObstructionAccuracy = 1
s_ObstructionUpdate = 0.1
s_VariationLimiter = 1
s_PrecacheData = 1
s_PriorityThreshold = 1
s_ReverbInstances = 1
s_ReverbType = 2
s_SoundEnable = 1
s_SoundInfo = 7
s_SoundMoodsDSP = 1
s_SpeakerConfig = 5  (changeable based on type of speaker config.  headphones = 2)
s_MPEGDecoders = 64
s_XMADecoders = 32

PS:  If you have Logitech G51 speakers or any speakers with Matrix mode settings on the volume controller, NEVER touch these features.  They bring nothing but distortion and overdriven sound quality out of your perfectly beautiful X-Fi Fatal1ty's sound processor.  Just set your subwoofer to the 3rd orange volume light, your surrounds to the 5th one, and your center to the 2nd one and you'll be good to go Smiley
232  Hardware / Processors - CPU / Re: Yorkfield breaks 6 GHz and 500 MHz FSB on: March 01, 2008, 11:49:32 PM
What kind of cooling is being used?
233  Hardware / Processors - CPU / Re: Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 Price Drop... on: March 01, 2008, 11:48:41 PM
For those who don't know, there is going to be yet another price drop on the Q6600, which will bring it to around $229.  Additionally, the Celeron-L 430 is expected to go from $50 to a measly $35, which is a MUCH overlooked processor considering the speeds that I am getting on mine with stock cooling:

234  Hardware / Processors - CPU / Re: 45nm - So much better than 65nm? on: March 01, 2008, 11:43:56 PM
The only major differences between the two architectures are lower heat dissipation, lower power consumption, and the implementation of High-K/Metal Gate transistors to further suppress leakage.

However, with these architectural improvements come expandable enhancements for future applications:  SSE4.1 instruction support, much larger L2 caches, and as usual, a faster FSB speeds.  But do keep in mind that this generation of Penryn processors will be the last CPUs by Intel to implement the aging FSB Smiley
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