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31  Hardware / Hard Disk Drive / Re: Samsung F1 - 2 x HD502IJ, 2 x HE502IJ, or 1 x HD753LJ? I Need A New RAID Co on: April 15, 2008, 01:48:11 AM
If you kill Eliot, we'll have to erect a tombstone designed like a motherboard, that might be expensive...  Grin

Problem is, graves in Vienna are very very expensive, not the grave itself, but all the costs to get a proper funeral. So I hope you have saves some pennies for Fudo, because it may cost between € 8 to 12k. This is without a tomb-stone... and don't ask for the price of a tomb-stone ;-)

I gave him the 750GB, so  I can happily buy 1TB drives :-)
But this gets about 2C hotter... :-/
I need a bigger case... :-(


32  Hardware / Processors - CPU / Re: Difference Between Q9450 Part Numbers BX80569Q9450 / BX80569Q9450A ? on: April 15, 2008, 01:39:35 AM
thanks again for the info but why isn't there a big difference cause I just assumed if you were editing a photo in raw that you'd be able to getbetter performance from the two extra cores?

The problem with Photoshop is, Adobe still recommands 32bit version, so the biggest bottleneck is not the CPU but memory and harddrive. A raw photo takes lot of memory, at 32bit, you are limited to 2GB, Photoshop is heavily swapping it's own stuff on it's own swapping file... so fast HDDs is paramount to be happy with it.

More core may help on some calculations but as long as swapping takes ages, you can save some money only using dual-cores Smiley


33  Hardware / Processors - CPU / Re: Difference Between Q9450 Part Numbers BX80569Q9450 / BX80569Q9450A ? on: April 15, 2008, 01:36:35 AM
You can benefit from extra two cores only if you encode video, and rendering page before. Nobody knows when programs will be capable of using multi cores. But if you want to be future proof then get Q9450.

There is no "future-proof". With next generation you can throw your DDR2 rams and boards away, because you need DDR3...  It will get more expensive and the Damurai will get some money back they are loosing in resent days.

Best thing is a) to buy now and skip the first generation Nehalem or b) start banking your money.


34  Hardware / Processors - CPU / Re: Difference Between Q9450 Part Numbers BX80569Q9450 / BX80569Q9450A ? on: April 15, 2008, 01:32:55 AM
The E8400 represents the most value for the money.  With the stock HSF, the CPU can reach around 4.0GHz under 1.40v, whereas the Q9450 can only reach around 3.80GHz for $150 more.  However, in the long run (considering that one isn't upgrading to Nehalem until 2010 or later), the Q9450 would be a better choice.

The stock cooler for E8400 is a cheapo aluminum crap... I very doubt it will get you 4 GHz at all, even 3.20GHz will be hard to keep the temperature under the Intel specifiied maximum.

It depands on what you are doing... If you have crap hardware you may buy now. If you have some "E" in your system you can skip any update, except you have a special reason for example because you like to render videos.


35  Hardware / Hard Disk Drive / Re: Solid State drives on: April 02, 2008, 09:10:27 AM
The lasting depands on the write frequency. If you write sequential there are no problems, but if you write always the same blocks, the durability will dramtically reduce.

36  Hardware / Hard Disk Drive / Re: HDTach Results - (2x) Samsung Spinpoint F1 HE753LJ 750GB RAID0 on: April 02, 2008, 09:08:03 AM
This is good to hear, i hope they will be reliable and stay on the market. ATM prices of Samsung drives are incredible and we really needed some good healthy competition.

They are competing in the european market for ages?!
Of course there are always times where  batches of drives are not as good as expected, but every HD-manufacture has good and bad times Smiley

I use Samsung HDDs since 2002, because they were the first to concentrate on noise. While some tests claim Seagate's 7200.10 is quieter, I feel they are louder because their frequency range is more audible for me. Also the head-movements are louder compared to Samsung. With the F1 they also got the lead in speed, which is quite an achievement for a quiet silent drive Smiley And surprisingly the new drives won't get hot too.


37  Welcome to Fudzilla Forum / General Discussion / Re: Thanks Fudzilla - now my first read daily on: April 02, 2008, 09:00:45 AM
Thx a lot, we appreciate your post Smiley

And yes, we will try continue our hard work to satisfy our readers.


38  Hardware / Processors - CPU / Re: Intel 45nm processors. on: April 02, 2008, 08:56:52 AM
I doubt it.  The Q9550s are basically higher binned Q9450s, so a low FSB wall like that would seem improbable.

You can doubt what you want... You can get an Q9450 with 430MHz FSB wall and another Q9450 with 470MHz FSB wall. A higher binning doesn't say anything about FSB wall.


39  Hardware / Processors - CPU / Re: Intel 45nm processors. on: March 27, 2008, 09:59:21 PM
But that's why I'm getting a Q9550.  With a ~470MHz FSB limit and an 8.5x multiplier, that gives a theoretical ~4.0GHz frequency, which is very doable.

or you get a CPU With 430MHz FSB ... and you'll cry Wink


40  Hardware / Processors - CPU / Re: Intel 45nm processors. on: March 25, 2008, 03:51:21 PM
I just ordered my Q9450 from shopblt.com.  However, I might be getting the second shipment because their local warehouse (Fullerton, CA) has already reached the maximum incoming shipments and I'm number 20th in line over the incoming threshold:

No worries though.  I'm probably going to end up getting a Q9550 instead.  I'm waiting for the first few people to receive their retail Q9450s so I can see if anyone can actually make it to 4.0GHz safely without hitting any FSB walls (as I am very doubtful).  If no one can make it safely, I will get the Q9550 probably on the 2nd day of release and cancel my order for the Q9450 (since I'll probably be getting 2nd shipment anyways).  And YES, I am willing to pay the price premium for a Q9550 - and I DGAF if it's $1.34 for each of the extra 166 megahertz - must reach 4GHz!  Shocked

I doubt you can reach 4GHz... 3.6GHz should be achiveable... the FSB wall will hit between 450 and 470MHz... and for more you lack te multiplier... get an QX9650 instead if you want to be sure to get 4.00GHz. But I guess 3.60GHz is fast enough even for more straining games Smiley


41  Hardware / Processors - CPU / Re: Phenom Triple Core B3 on: March 21, 2008, 06:56:13 AM
Really thats interesting, where did you read that?

I did the tests? More infos will follow Wink


42  Hardware / Graphics Cards / Re: EVGA 9800GX2 Unboxing and Benchmarks by AuDioFreaK39 on: March 20, 2008, 01:22:26 PM

Lmao, okay here they are you guys, first results...and you guessed it, they suck! Thanks to my Celeron.


So far, however, I've noticed a 7-14fps increase in Crysis over my 8800Ultra (now in the hands of some eBayer smile).  I'm looking forward to new drivers on March 25th and more importantly combining this absolutely phenomenal card with a Q9550 @ 4.0GHz during spring break next week, hehe.

And to Me][.
43  Hardware / Graphics Cards / Re: GeForce 9800GX2 / 8800Ultra Comparison - Is there REALLY Any Benefit? on: March 19, 2008, 07:28:03 AM
Ok, I do not know,if i should make my first post a stupid question, but I ll just do it. Cheesy
Will it work on a X 38 chipset as well? or is it stuck to SLI chipsets only?
I am truly impressed by its performance numbers, but will both cores be enabled on non-SLI boards? Or will it run on 1 core only? Or absolutely not?

The bridge chip is on the card, so it will work on any motherboard regardless the chipset, as long PCIe x16 1.0a or higher is available.


44  Hardware / Others / Re: "iPhone 3" to use Intel's x86 Atom Processor? on: March 19, 2008, 07:23:27 AM
I don't agree with you at all !!!
M$ is making the worst OS ever made , they see the issues and what will they do Huh
they won't reconstruct their OS , Why Huh Compatibility with older apps , what's the cost Huh
larger and larger windoze !! which is a memory hog which is slower than ever , they also do some innovations !!!
The windoze is JUST GUI based so look at their new windows 2008 Server Core , and you'll understand what I'm saying , apple saw the flaws in their own OS 9 Series so they've sacrificed compatibility and moved to Darwin core which is technically is a unixoid (it is based on FreeBSD 5) . moreover they understood the Gigahertz fever and moved to Intel although they've made PowerPC alliance . so they're not comparable to M$ .
the only reason that we're still stick to old and inefficient x86 CISC architecture is because of the M$ .
everyone knows that RISC architecture is more efficient than modest CISC architectures as you can see IBM Cell processors have got more processing power than even intel core micro architecture . moreover if you compare old mac G5s (which are at least 5 years older than Core2s) they are even competitive in the same clock .
the only reason that mac won't release OSX for standalone installation is just because of the support , I mean hardware support . the same situation that we're encountering in Linux .
VGA drivers are not mature , for example Geforce 2 Pro outperforms 7300GT & Radeon X1300 .
after 5 years you can't install Xfi drivers on linux easily ( although they've released a driver which you need to recompile the kernel from slab to slub and still it's not working properly)
and so on . so if Apple release it's OSX to market no one will be satisfied .

and about the iPhone , I wanted to buy a cellphone , so I looked around and found a couple of cellphone with 380 MHz ARM processors or 200 MHz version from either Nokia & SonyEricsson but they've performed so slow that i didn't wanted to even look at them i have to add that they're all using well known Symbian OS , more over mp3 playback was so poor that i didn't wanted to even listen to anykind of music keep in mind that for example Nokia N81 8GB or 5700 Speciality's are in music I even tried Sennheiser CX300 in earphone's and my own HD595 Headset with them , but when i touched iPhone i fell in love with it , it is as expensive as N81 (so it's not that expensive) it's music playback quality is superior to every cellphone it also is sleek and toooooo fast for a cellphone so why should I be stupid to buy one Huh
the only drawback is that it's not 3G and the bluetooth thing , which I can deal with 'em .

about Atom I agree with you , basically x86 isn't a good option for portable devices .

You don't have to agree with me Smiley

The slow-ness comes from the OS involved, and Apple is doing nothing else as creating a GUI as M$ does. Apple took BSD which is similar to Linux and put a new GUI on it. If you have read about the iPhone SDK this is worse compared to M$. You are allowed to use it, but you can sell your stuff only via iTunes, you have to pay Apple 30% and only Apple decides if the application is worth for downloading - welcome to Cuba. Sorry, Apple is doing the monopolist things and I will not support such a company - so be sure - I will never buy any Apple product, because they are just cheapo toys with clever marketing and bad customer support. If you fall for it - your problem. My phone has to do one thing: It should phone. I don't need cameras, I don't need interweb, I don't need any other gimmicks. I want a PHONE. For my music I own a mediaplayer (with Rockbox (.org) on it, so I can play any other format besides .mp3 - which will also work on Apple iPods Cheesy - and has tons of options no player actually has). If I want to make good pictures, I will buy a camera. So be happy with your iPhone, pay ridiculous provider fees - I don't care, but don't come whining when in some near future Apple owns you.


45  Hardware / Power Supply - PSU / Re: Dell PSU on: March 19, 2008, 07:09:27 AM
thanks for your explaination but i wonder whether my PSU can ever deliver it's nominal 4*18AMPs or not  Huh

It does not need to Smiley
A graphic cards with about 100W at load will not use all the power from the 12V rail, it is safe to assume only 80W will taken from the 12V rail and 20W come from the PCIe slot. 20W are used from the +3.3V and/or +5V rail. So max. 7A are used from the PCIe rail, plenty left for other components.


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