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1  Welcome to Fudzilla Forum / Discussion about Articles / Nvidia cheats in HD HQV test on: September 08, 2007, 09:33:02 PM
Wow AMD/ATi has sunk to a new low. They used older drivers with a "known" problem and they claim nVidia is cheating! 
And don't forget guys the same people spreading this horsecrap is also the same ones that misled you about 2900 XT UVD support before its launch.

This whole thing is like cranking your brightness up 100% and then saying your monitor sucks because its all washed out! 

nVidia cards by default disable noise reduction. If you turn it up high it will produce this effect.
So in other words to get those images, AMD used older drivers and overly aggressive video settings to cause the problem. The NVIDIA control panel allows users to adjust the amount of noise reduction from 0-100 to suit their needs. And in this case....AMD cranked it to suit their own needs.  Roll Eyes

GG AMD/ATi  Kiss
And Fuad.......well I never really expected much more than this from you! So I guess in that respect your doing a bang up job! Cheesy
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