UK finance industry blighted by poor code
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Developers just not interested

Code penned for the finance industry, particularly in the UK is pants according to a new study.

University shooting was over code
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Friday, 03 June 2016 11:33

University shooting was over code

Hell hath no fury like a “wronged” developer

The man who fatally shot a UCLA professor in his office before turning the gun on himself was a developer who thought his teacher had nicked his code.

Apple desperate to get into Android
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Friday, 07 August 2015 12:13

Apple desperate to get into Android

Hiring Android staff

It seems that Android is doing something right and its rival Apple wants to copy it.

y disc

Mechner to put it online once he extracts it

Thursday, 15 March 2012 12:25

Internet needs crime

y globe

There can't be good without bad


Development has already begun

Friday, 20 January 2012 12:54

Programmer faces 10 years in prison

y handcuffs

For stealing Federal Reserve Bank code

Wednesday, 02 November 2011 09:13

id to release Doom 3 source code

idsoftware logo

Just waiting for final clearance to do so

Tuesday, 13 September 2011 11:47

Computers can now write like sportsmen


If you give them a crayon
Friday, 04 March 2011 10:53

Israel and US behind Stuxnet


German claims he is certain