Friday, 03 June 2011 09:35

Zelda: Skyward Sword to launch title


Being held by Nintendo for this purchase

Dead or Alive: Dimensions is fair dinkum
Thursday, 05 May 2011 09:27

Wii2 to be built by Hon Hai


Will start taking delivery in October
Wednesday, 04 May 2011 10:02

UDraw to come to 360 & PS3


THQ will drop tablets this holiday season
Wednesday, 04 May 2011 09:55

Wii2 will have 8GB of flash storage


Nintendo chooses no hard drive again

Nintendo to make small initial shipments

Iwata has regrets over the way Wii was marketed
Tuesday, 26 April 2011 12:43

Wii2 to be playable at E3

Nintendo confirms 2012 calendar year launch
Tuesday, 26 April 2011 09:53

3DS falls short of 4 million goal


Ships 3.61 million units since launch
Monday, 25 April 2011 11:47

Nintendo confirms new console for 2012

To be showcased at E3 in June